This tool is free, unlike Hootsuite, Sprout Social, and other social media scheduling platforms. You’re not alone. 80% of social media marketers say that their top strategy is to increase engagement across all channels. With 2.5 billion active monthly users, Facebook is still the top social media platform in terms of users. Read on to explore why you should start using LinkedIn as a blogging platform and what you should keep in mind to use the platform to your advantage and reach your blogging goals. Do you use WordPress? You can also use captions, questions, and a quick end to your video saying things like, “get in touch! Utilize Facebook video it doesn’t have to be live!. You have to publish the content you have  designed that works for your audience and have all the right factors, attracting them in all three dimensions.

Instead, they want the relevant highlights that could impact them, and then they mostly want to hear about what’s happening in the industry or the business world. When applicable, use your profile as a business owner or start an employee advocacy program. Not everyone can use this new feature yet, as it is still in beta, but it could be a great way to get a bigger link reach on Facebook. However, this social media giant takes much heat from businesses because of how difficult it is to get organic reach with a business page versus a regular user profile. With a social media schedule in place, you can ensure that you post the best content at the correct times to meet your online goals and not bore your audience.

Now that you know the best times and days to post on different social channels, why not take it a step ahead and schedule your content in advance with Statusbrew? Auto schedule your social feed at the best times for your audience. Plan, preview, and organize your scheduled posts in your social media calendar to transform into a pretty feed! A social media algorithm is an automated calculation that decides which social media posts make it to the top of your feed and which don’t. Overall, the top factors in most social media algorithms in 2021 are the amount of engagement that piece of content has received especially within a short time frame and how much you tend to engage with that creator’s content in general.